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  • Best Sleep Monitor Wristband
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    Best Sleep Monitor Wristband

    Best Sleep Monitor Wristband Smart Sleep Monitor report graphs showing the times when you were in light sleep and deep sleep based on motion. The Basis Peak goes one step further, using your heart rate and skin temperature to help it detect when you're in a top cycle. You...Read More
  • Heart And Sleep Monitor Watch
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    Heart And Sleep Monitor Watch

    Heart and Sleep Monitor Watch Health Tracker Wristband is attached to the person’s hand and the smart sensors are able to store data which can then be accessed through the companion app. It is run on BlueTooth Smart technology but at the current time can only be run on any...Read More
  • Sleep Tracking Smart Watch APP
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    Sleep Tracking Smart Watch APP

    Sleep Tracking Smart Watch APP Modern smart watches have built in motion and acceleration sensors which are accurate enough to register even tiny movements and using the right software, it is possible to monitor the duration and quality of sleep of the user. As an activity...Read More
  • Android Sleep Tracking Band
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    Android Sleep Tracking Band

    Android Sleep Tracking Band Sleep tracking is just one of the features of the Swalle smart wristband. Clip it on your hand or somewhere else on your person and it'll keep track of the steps you take over the course of the day and how active you are overall. It'll also...Read More
  • Sleep Monitoring Equipment
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    Sleep Monitoring Equipment

    Sleep Monitoring Equipment Swalle Sleep Monitor Wristband was intended to just wake you gently at the best possible time of the morning when your sleep cycle was at the best time for you to rise, but the app has come a long way since then. The Sleep Monitor APP still helps...Read More
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Tel: +86-755-83285153
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