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What Is An E27 Bulb?

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 05, 2016

E27 light bulbs or E27 bulbs are also known as E27 ES bulbs - this basically means they are an Edison screw bulb.


E27 LED light bulbs are Edison based LED lights that have a medium screw base. This is a standard household light bulbs base for traditional incandescent lights. The E stands for Edison and the 26 and 27 refer to the diameter of the screw base. In some, but not all cases an E26 LED light bulbs have a slightly smaller voltage range to include only 100VAC to 130VAC where E27 LED lights will support up to 100VAC to 240VAC voltage range. This is not universal.

Swalle E27 Led Light Bulb is controlled by APP in the intelligent terminal device through bluetooth V4.0, supporting both IOS 7.0+ or Android 4.3 and above system.

Swalle Bluetooth Led Light Bulb works with bluetooth V4.0 smart phones, such as iPhone, Samsung, iPad and so on. Swalle led light bulbs for home communicate with smart phones' free APP, which can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple app store and works as colors changing, timer switch setting.

Swalle Dimmable LED E27 Bulbs Functions:

 1. One to four via Bluetooth

It is recommended that a mobile phone can connect with four(up to 6) Swalle Lights at the same time.

 2. User DIY colors

Users like Eric can add the color he like into collection.

 3. Keep color memory

Choose one color and long press collection button,the color will be the color after Swalle Light energized again.

 4. Timer switch setting

Long press ON/OFF button,SwalleLight can be set to turn on or turn off automatically.

 5. SwalleLight effect

3000k warm white reading modes,16 million colors changing modes, Lighting effects for the gradient type switch.

More detailed information please go to: http://www.goswalle.com/smart-led-bulbs-1

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