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Smart LED Bulbs Four Major Advantages

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 02, 2017

We all know that light color is the basic element of visual aesthetics, but also an important means of beautifying the room. So the choice of light source directly affect the artistic effect of lighting, and intelligent Smart LED Bulbs in the light show the art of lighting shows unparalleled, so sought after by the vast number of consumers. Let Xiaobian let us introduce the four advantages of Smart LED Bulbs

Smart LED Bulbs four major advantages

Smart LED Bulbs advantages of a, energy-saving

Research data show that because the LED is a cold light source, and semiconductor lighting itself without any pollution to the environment, so compared with incandescent and fluorescent energy saving efficiency can reach more than 90%. In the same brightness of its power consumption is only ordinary incandescent 1/10, only 1/2 of the fluorescent tube. So if the LED to replace our current 50% of traditional lighting, then the annual savings of electricity in China is equivalent to the sum of a generating capacity of the Three Gorges power plant, its energy efficiency is very impressive.

Smart LED Bulbs advantages Second, healthy

LED light DC drive is not stroboscopic and no infrared and ultraviolet components, so it has no radiation pollution, the other high color and has a strong luminous direction; dimming performance and color temperature changes will not produce visual error; Cold light source heat and can be safe to touch, so these are incandescent and fluorescent can not reach. It can provide a comfortable lighting space and can well meet the physical health needs of people, is to protect the eyesight and environmental health light source.

Smart LED Bulbs advantages Third, the art of

Color LED products have covered the entire visible spectral range, and monochrome is good, high color purity, red, green, yellow LED combination of color and gray (16.7 million colors) choice has greater flexibility. LED technology to the room lighting will be more scientific and artistic combination of organic, breaking the edge of the traditional lighting frame, beyond the inherent concept of the so-called lamp shape, lighting design in the visual perception and form of artistic expression, with a A new perspective to understand, understand and express the theme of light. We can be more flexible use of optical technology in the dark and with the combination of light and color, material, structural design, improve design freedom to weaken the lighting function of lighting, so that lamps become a visual art, creating a comfortable and beautiful Lighting art effect.

Intelligent Smart LED Bulbs advantages Fourth, humane

There is no doubt that the relationship between light and man is an eternal topic, "people see the lights, I saw the light", it is this classic discourse changed the designer's understanding of the lamp. The high realm of the lamp is "shadowless lamp" is also a high expression of humanized lighting, the room does not have any traces of common lamps, so that people can feel the light but can not find the light source, embodies the light and human life perfect combination of human design The

The above is Xiaobian for everyone to introduce all the advantages of intelligent Smart LED Bulbs four. In addition Xiaobian for everyone to bring a small skill, we all know that semi-transparent synthetic materials and aluminum made of candle-like LED lights, so free to shelve on the ground, corner or table, so let the lamps become full Fun and vitality of the body of life it.

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