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Smart LED Bulbs Experience Direction

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 14, 2017

How does Smart LED Bulbs use? Here's a brief explanation:

Put the light bulb placed in the lamp holder, and then download its mobile phone APP (do not understand the download APP can see the instructions of the box), the last phone to open the Bluetooth function can be on the light bulb to call the light color and brightness, but can not play music.

Smart LED Bulbs experience direction

A variety of colors: according to personal preferences, tune into different colors and brightness. Open the default is white, can be adjusted by the APP software red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, purple and other colors, manual control: manual point on the color LED lights, round icons can be adjusted separately LED chroma. Automatic control: music spectrum display, colorful lights according to the size of the music and change the color of LED lights. Colorful light to create a very good atmosphere. There will be unexpected surprises!

Timing off:

In order to turn off the LED lights before going to bed, you can set the time to turn off the lights, if you do not want to turn off the lights from the software to cancel the timer off the lights, this feature is very applicable, it is best to coax children singing songs into sleep.

Mobile phone remote control switch lights:

With the mobile phone APP can turn off the smart light, Bluetooth or normal use, not only at night from the night is very convenient, do not need to touch the switch around, and do not need to use the lights during the day to save energy resources.

Online music:

When the phone is connected to the wireless network, you can use the APP to achieve online cloud music playback, cloud music content includes songs, comic books, children's songs, fairy tales. Radio drama, English learning light 10 several channels, the content updated every day.

Principle is simply to use Bluetooth technology, the light bulb and mobile APP connected together, the operation of mobile phone APP instructions through the Bluetooth wireless transmission to the chip inside the bulb, and then make the appropriate changes in accordance with the instructions, and our daily contact with remote control TV similar.

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