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Smart LED Bulbs Are More Energy Efficient And Safer

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 26, 2017

The market gradually rising Smart LED Bulbs, and energy-saving lamps, incandescent compared to what kind of advantages and disadvantages? Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau recently released a quarter of LED lighting product quality analysis report shows that, compared with incandescent, energy-saving lamps, Smart LED Bulbs more secure, and more energy-efficient, but in the color rendering index is still a high room for improvement The

According to the total inspection of 103 batches of Smart LED Bulbs, of which the province produced 53 batches of products, with a pass rate of 88.7%; commercial product quality risk monitoring 50 batches, the pass rate is only 30%, there are more quality problems The

National Semiconductor lighting product quality inspection center, said the deputy director, compared with incandescent, energy-saving lamps, Smart LED Bulbs more secure. This is because a single LED power consumption is very low, high-power LED power consumption is generally not more than 1W, the conductive line requirements are not high, less line aging caused by short-circuit fault. And the Smart LED Bulbs is completely encapsulated in the epoxy resin inside, it is stronger than the bulb and fluorescent tubes, the lamp body is not loose part of these features make the Smart LED Bulbs is not easy to break and damage.

In addition, LED light source is a low-voltage microelectronics products, LED operating voltage in the 2-3.6V, are low safety voltage, there will be no replacement of light when people accident. As the LED light bulbs are cold light source, it will not appear incandescent, gas discharge lamp surface temperature is too high caused by personnel burns.

Electromagnetic compatibility is low pass rate: the sampling of the 103 batches of LED lighting products, electromagnetic compatibility project pass rate of only 60.2%, lower than the simultaneous sampling of energy-saving lamps, and incandescent lamp does not exist electromagnetic compatibility issues. Which Jiangsu real estate LED lighting products, the project 87 percent pass rate, and spot checks of other provinces and cities produce LED lighting products, the project qualified rate of only 29%. Electromagnetic compatibility is the ability of a device or system to comply with the requirements in its electromagnetic environment and does not have unbearable electromagnetic interference to any device in the environment.

Light biosafety usually refers to an indicator of whether the product may cause harm to the human body. Lighting LED spectrum in the blue light component under certain conditions will be on the human network nerve damage, the spot checks found that there are 5 batches of products exist 1 class of Blu-ray hazards, are produced outside the province of products. "Light and light system of light biosafety" will be classified into four categories: 0 class for the non-hazardous, 1 for the low-risk, 2 for the moderate risk, 3 for the high risk. In general, the LED blue light class 1 hazards, if the use of more than 1.5 meters away, or less than 2-3 hours of non-long use, are no harm to the human body.

Compared with incandescent, energy-saving lamps, Smart LED Bulbs more energy-efficient? Quality inspection experts said that the evaluation of a lighting products are energy-saving, usually with electro-optical power conversion efficiency (light efficiency), lighting effects (color temperature, color rendering index) and other indicators to evaluate. Smart LED Bulbs electro-optical power conversion efficiency can reach 100% theoretically, the same lighting effect than the traditional light source more than 80% energy saving, life of up to 60,000 to 100,000 hours, than the traditional incandescent, energy-saving lamp life of more than 10 times.

The LED lighting product supervision and inspection focus on the initial light efficiency, color temperature, color index three indicators. Among them, the initial light efficiency reflects the LED lighting products, energy saving, color temperature and color rendering index and the human visual experience and comfort related.

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