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Rechargeable Waterproof Color-Changing LED Pool Ball

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 30, 2016

Description of APP Controlled Ball

? Color changing LEDs

? Bluetooth connection

? Inductive charging (60 min of drive time)

? Goes up to 4-5 MPH

? Charging base included

? Waterproof

? Battery Cell Type: Lithium Battery

? Capacity: 290mAh

? Input: 100-240v 0.3A & Output: 12v 1000mA

? Cycle life: 500 times

Functions of Swalle Robotic Ball

1.Phone-controlled and movement function

The smart phone can control the speed and direction of Swalle within 35 meters through Bluetooth.


You can use the smart mobile with our Swalle robotic ball to play piano, self-motion ball game and golf ball game.

3.Music play and movement function

Swalle will move around and shining different colors according to music playing on the smart mobile.

4.Setting function

Use smart mobile ,you can change the product color depend on user's choice. Currently there are 7 colors for option choice. You can also set the speed and turnning degree and also brightness of the product.

OEM and ODM service:

-Printing your logo on the product,design your app,package box and user     manual with your company logo.

- Product design, including structure and electronics (functions development)

- Prototyping and testing for concept ideas 

- Mold design and production 

- Injection molding of components 

- Product assembly

- Surface treatment and logo printing

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Tel: +86-755-83285153
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