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Mass Production Of Swalle Robotic Ball In Factory

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2016

More and more customers order robotic ball from us and sell well, it is being mass produced in our factory.

More advantage is that we provide OEM services, we can provide logo design and printing for bulk orders.

It is really a good chance to bring business opportunities, welcome your inquiry!

If you have any questions please email us: sales@swalle.com

We will try our best to provide the best service to you!

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Head Office Address: Room F-G, 20 Floor, Pacific Trading Building, Jia Bin Road, Luo Hu Distric, Shenzhen, China

Tel: +86-755-83285153
Address:Room F-G,20 Floor,Pacific Trading Building,Jia Bin Road,Luo Hu Distric,Shenzhen,China