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LED Swimming Ball

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 25, 2017

Intelligent Ball Game Functions:

1, Driving

Controlling the speed and directions of the Swalle B1 ball though bluetooth

2, Games

Piano game. Pet model ball game and golf ball game can be played.

3, Music play

Swalle B1 will shine in different colors according to the tempo of the music in the decive.

4, Setting

Set the color, speed. Turning degree and brightness of Swalle B1.

Remote Control Ball Features:

Max remote distance:  35 meters(without obstacles)

Compatible devices:  IOS system and Android 4.3 system above

Charging time:  3 hours

Using time after full charged:  5 hours

Ball diameter:  61 mm

Accessories: User manual, charger, charger base

Waterfproof: Yes, can swim in the water


Product Description

Flashing led remote control toys App-Controlled ball RC remote control robot ball for Smartphone Android Devices

Swalle Magic robotic ball is an app-controlled wireless robotic ball for smart-phones. It allows user to control the ball moving, turning,
Stopping and circling around the objects by Bluetooth connection. It built-in LED lights, could change different LED colors as you plays
With it. Any color you can dream, with mode of led breathing, rainbow and flashing. The inside mechanism of the ball is protected by PC
Durable shell, so it is damage-resistant and water-proof, you could control it to swim in water. The app games are developed for
Entertainment with an integration of virtual and reality world. It's a completely new type of gaming system and aim for bringing fun to you!

1. Smartphone APP wireless control, wireless charging function.
2. Colorful LED lights, self-adjusting led light color, Flashing mode, mix thousands of LED color.
3. Control the ball to move forward and turn around with your smartphone.
4. Various mobile phone games: Piano&Drum, gravity ball, golf, billiards, trackball, etc.
5. DISCO function, playing music in your phone, and the ball will feel the rhythm and "dance" accordingly.
6. Water-proof, could swim in the pool, basin, streamlet, etc.
7. Pet's new gift-Amusing the Pets.
8. Best gift for kids.

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Tel: +86-755-83285153
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