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LED Bluetooth Speaker Lamp Signal Will Not Be Affected?

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 14, 2017

LED Bluetooth Speaker Lamp since the debut has been the love of young people, its impressive sound and stylish appearance captured a lot of people's heart. But LED Bluetooth Speaker Lamp is always its limitations, then its signal will not be affected?

Bluetooth Speaker Lamp can not be separated from Bluetooth, then Bluetooth, then the signal transmission will be affected, then what factors?

LED Bluetooth Speaker Lamp in the usual life really give us a lot of advantages, but on the other hand, it is also a certain limitation. And the useful interval of signal transmission is the largest factor. Here are some of the main elements that affect the Bluetooth Speaker Lamp and the Bluetooth module's transmission signals.

Originally said that the Bluetooth Speaker Lamp, we have to say that is the Bluetooth module. It is the Bluetooth speaker to send and receive transmission signal sweater path, that is to say all the Bluetooth speakers rely on the internal Bluetooth module shares move. First of all the first effect, that is useful transmission interval. Bluetooth is usually useful for transmission of 10 meters, but if there is signal to strengthen the equipment is up to 50 meters. In addition, we also need to match the matching equipment. If it is the usual cottage phone, after the convergence of Bluetooth may be transmitted within only 10 meters interval, but if the iPhone and 2.1 version of the Bluetooth speakers to match, useful transmission interval can be greatly added.

In addition to equipment and spacing elements, the use of Bluetooth will be a large extent affected by the surrounding environment, such as trees, metals and other obstacles will have a certain absorption of wireless signals, so in practice, if there is isolation, Then the interval between the data transmission is relatively affected by the inevitable impact.

There is the impact of the speaker shell, usually the Bluetooth Speaker Lamp is supported by the Bluetooth module existing system, placed in the shell. But because the metal shell on the radio frequency signal is a shielding effect. So we advocate not to install in the metal shell, it also prompts consumers to try not to choose the metal shell of the Bluetooth Speaker Lamp.

Of course, there are the most important elements, we can not ignore. That is, the Bluetooth module version type. Now Bluetooth 4.0 version of the other is the best function, which is equivalent to the transformation of commodity skills, perhaps the beginning of only Bluetooth version 1.0, followed by the strengthening of skills, but also gradually developed more features to declare more stable, more convenient transmission High version of Bluetooth, so, of course, the higher the version of the product, the more stable the function.

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