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Intelligent Toys Market Analysis

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 09, 2017

Intelligent toy market analysis, with the toy to high-end product development, R & D technology and practical Intelligent Toys gradually become the industry recognized protection barriers, and strive to improve product technology content, control the cost of products to meet market demand, toy-class UAV enterprises to improve Its own core competitiveness, in order to win in this battle.

In 2016, China's Intelligent Toys industry grew strongly, contrary to the recent trend of China's light industry. China's total exports fell by 7.7% in 2016 and total imports fell by 5.5%. While toy exports grew by 9.5% and imports grew by 23%. Although India and Vietnam, the lower production costs to attract a lot of investors, but because of China's toy manufacturing process is good, and the toy consumer market is booming, China's toy market prospects. In view of China's toy industry maturity, foreign investors to enter the Chinese market, and mature enterprises to compete, we must develop a strategic plan.

In general, foreign brands in the high-end toy market dominated, while the domestic brand control in the low-end market. Interactive electronic Intelligent Toys are more popular than traditional toys (such as dolls, smart toys, etc.) and grow faster. Especially to be interactive, and the role of education toys most parents welcome. In addition, consumers of all ages have no "resistance" to comic characters, whether children or adults. Although China's domestic cartoon characters are gradually entering the line of sight, but Japan and the United States is still the leading industry, South Korea also occupies a small part.

Although the overall performance of China's Intelligent Toys industry is better than light industry, but still face many challenges. Domestic Intelligent Toys manufacturers between the fierce competition, the most prominent cost competition, depressed the overall profit of the toy industry. And land and labor costs continue to rise, making manufacturers more and more the pursuit of efficient production technology, which means that the early investment in technology is increasingly important. Taking into account, many manufacturers are considering lower cost products.

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