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Intelligent Robot And Intelligent Toys Industry

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2017

China Automation Society Robot Competition Committee is responsible for the development of Chinese robot competition, promote Chinese robot science, improve the Chinese robot technology professional academic groups. Its "China Robot Contest" event has created a well-known national brand and influence, attracting from the well-known universities, research institutes, children's homes and other units and numerous young enthusiasts to participate actively and as a platform, Promote the development of related domestic exhibitions, popular science content publishing, Intelligent Toys research and development, production and sales, high-end robot product research and development, and promote the development of domestic robot and Intelligent Toys industry.

We have been highly regarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education, and have undertaken 863 "Soccer Robotics and Related Technologies" research projects, and have cooperated well with experts and scholars of robotics, automation and computer related fields in the famous universities Relationship, so that we in scientific research and technology development has an absolute advantage. As the pioneer of the domestic cause of this pioneer, we also have other people difficult to chase the market vision and first-mover advantage, the company's name and the development of China's robot industry closely linked.

The development of the production and sales for the primary and secondary school students and enthusiasts of the robot toy kit; Intelligent Toys the use of high-tech transformation of the traditional toy industry, the use of high-tech development of the traditional toy industry, Development and production of a new generation of Intelligent Toys; agents at home and abroad important robot products and other accessories; high-end robot products for research and development, and so on.

Developing a new market is great and arduous, and we welcome the visionary entrepreneurs to join us in this hopeful and future career. This business is a high input and high output of the industry, the overall development of our company's business, need to gradually implement the investment within 3 years 35 million yuan, according to careful financial estimates, after five years of development, to 2008, these Investment will bring nearly 12 million yuan of net profit returns, which is nearly 35% of the return on investment.

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