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Identification Of Intelligent Toys

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2017

With the development and popularization of intelligent toys, its potential educational function began to attract the attention of educators. In order to understand the application potential and research status of intelligent toys in education, this paper introduces the development history, definition and characteristics of intelligent toys from the analysis of literatures, analyzes the application objects and types of intelligent toys in education, and makes use of three specific cases The paper analyzes the educational application of intelligent toys, and further discusses the innovative use of intelligent toys in education, as well as the relationship between intelligent toys and foster children, and analyzes its support and influence on foster education. Finally, we discuss the opportunities, problems and challenges of intelligent toys in education. Research shows that intelligent toys provide new resources, new tools and new models for educational innovation, which stimulates learners' learning motivation, imagination and creativity. Its application in the field of education, brought the teaching model of further change.

Definition of definition

The English term for Intelligent Toys is "Smart Toy". Although experienced more than a decade of development, but the academic community has not formed a clear definition. Foreign researchers on the concept of intelligent toys are defined as follows:

Shwe believes that Intelligent Toys are a collection of traditional toys and computer or electronic chips. Generalized Intelligent Toys are toys with computing power, including toys connected to computers and toys that have sensors and microcomputer chips [6]. It has significant differences with other similar products such as video games, electronic toys and children's software.

Through the study of Intelligent Toys in children's learning, Cagiltay et al. Defines Intelligent Toys as a new form of toy by physical entities and electronic components. Children and Intelligent Toys can perform pre-set tasks through two-way interaction [7], these tasks are related to specific teaching objectives. This definition places more emphasis on the interactivity of Intelligent Toys and the characteristics of scheduled tasks. At the same time, the study also based on the interaction of toys will be intelligent toys and computers connected to the independent and two types of toys; at the same time according to the type of task provided by intelligent toys, but also divided into behavioral tasks of toys and cognitive tasks Toys two categories.

Kara and others believe that intelligent toys are digital toys with digital features. It will digital media and traditional toys integration, through the use of multimedia and human-computer interaction provides a rich game environment [8]. Intelligent Toys can provide children with a variety of options, such as support for cooperative games, positive reactions and imaginary games.

Above is a foreign researcher on the description of Intelligent Toys, domestic scholars have not "Intelligent Toys" to make in-depth discussion. In this paper, we will be defined as intelligent toys by the physical entities and intelligent technology to form a new type of toys, users can make the operation of the intelligent feedback, through two-way interaction with the user to complete the default task; part of the intelligent toys But also has the ability to expand, can be combined. Intelligent Toys can be used to improve the user's imagination, creativity and cognitive skills.

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