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Gradient Frosted Glass Shade

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 22, 2015

Frosted glass shade gradient is used regardless of the lighting in the bathroom, porch, TV background lighting, or shopping malls, office areas, etc., can make people appreciate to another quiet and warm in the busy city life.

Frosted glass shade with a gradient of doing bathroom, looming Frosting face to the people to open up one of our own little world, almost transparent Frosted glass top surface and ensures the emitted light well, and the overall hazy through glass visual change through the transparent glass of a tedious, at the same time create a warm bathroom space, leaving the interior is full of romantic color. Therefore, with a gradient Frosted glass shade as bathroom lighting shower room is graded Frosted glass shade most popular and common use way.

Therefore, the market prospect is broad gradient Frosted glass shade, I believe there will be more personal, hotel, bath center and other large entertainment decoration will choose Gradient Frosted glass shade to enhance the taste and quality.

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