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Glass Shade On Ordinary Fluorescent

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 22, 2015

Fluorescent tubes at both ends with a filament glass shade tube wall is coated with a thin uniform layer of phosphor, it is evacuated 10-3-10-4 mm Hg after the inner tube, filled with a small amount of inert gas, but also inject a small amount of liquid mercury. Inductive ballast is an iron core inductor, nature inductance coil when the current changes, is caused by the change in the magnetic flux in the coil to generate an induced electromotive force, the opposite direction of its current, thereby hampering the current changes.

Starter acts as a switch in the circuit, which consists of a neon discharge tube and a capacitor connected in parallel, the role of the capacitor to eliminate the power of electromagnetic interference with ballast to form a resonance circuit, increase the start pulse voltage amplitude. A discharge electrode bimetal composition, the use of neon bulb discharge heating the bimetal when opening and closing the current mutation causing magnetic ballasts and generates a high voltage pulse is applied to the tube ends.

When the lamp access circuit, from the beginning between the two electrodes hui is a glow discharge, bimetal thermal expansion come in contact with the stationary contact, so the power supply, ballast, and starter filament form a closed loop current the filament preheating, when the heating time of 1-3 seconds, the glow starter two electrodes between the discharge extinction, followed by cooling bimetal contact with the stationary electrode is disconnected, the moment when the two electrodes disconnected , current in the circuit suddenly disappeared, then a high-voltage pulse generated by the ballast, power superposition after it added to the tube ends, inert gas ionization tube inside the arc discharge caused in the course of normal light, town self-inductance converter also plays a role in stabilizing the current in the circuit.

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