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China's Intelligent Toys Market Is Very Attractive

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 26, 2017

Intelligent Toys are a segment of the toy category, the integration of some IT technology and ancient toys together, is a different from the traditional toys of new toys, in recent years gradually popular. Because there is a new thing, so there is no industry standard, there is no authoritative organization to its next complete definition.

Interest is the best teacher to buy baby favorite toys!

Although the type of Intelligent Toys is very much now. But no baby's preferences are different, choose the baby like is the best. Interest is the best teacher of the child, no matter how clever the design of the toy, how advanced, so that children are interested in the most important, if you can not attract the child's attention and curiosity, no matter how good the design to no avail.

Suitable for baby age toys

According to the age of the baby for him to choose the appropriate Intelligent Toys. Help your baby develop limb skills, promote physical and mental health. Different ages require different stimuli, toys must also meet their different needs. Do not give the baby to buy those relative age is too advanced or too outdated toys, too advanced, the baby can not play easily depressed. Too out of date can not meet the baby's curiosity.

With the continuous improvement of domestic people's living standards, parents more and more attention to the physical and mental development of children, more and more parents recognize the importance of early childhood education, with the emergence of various types of early education institutions! Young parents have provided better infant early childhood conditions, but the high cost, time and other factors, making more parents choose early education toys. According to authoritative survey, the current domestic average of each child in the early childhood education toys spend nearly four hundred dollars, more than 300 million children in the country, 80 million urban children to buy early childhood toys to spend more than 300 billion yuan, plus On the 250 million rural children's early childhood toys consumption, the annual Chinese children's early childhood education costs more than 50 billion yuan. According to the relevant departments is expected by 2010, China's early childhood toy market is expected to spend more than 100 billion yuan. If the Chinese toy consumption to reach the Asian average, the market size is expected to exceed 30 billion yuan. In addition, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council published the "China Toy Market" comprehensive survey report is expected, the mainland toy market in the future will be 40% annual growth rate, by 2012, sales will exceed 100 billion yuan.

Remote control toys in the market occupies a large share, in addition, the intelligent terminal burst of growth fluid gave birth to mobile phone APP intelligent control of the rise of toys, as the future development of remote control toy products.

With the development of science and technology, interactive, high-tech content of the toy has gradually become the mainstream of the development of computer technology and toys has become a toy company's future innovation direction. However, it should be recognized that the current Intelligent Toys market in China there are still many problems, the intensity of technology is still in the initial stage, it is difficult to form a large-scale terminal remote control, but with the toy market to gradually improve and promote the future growth Potential and market size is not attractive, the future of China's Intelligent Toys market will eventually achieve remote control.

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