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Business! 20% Of Respondents Will Buy Smart LED Bulbs

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2017

According to a recent survey conducted by global technology companies, intelligent lighting is the product most likely to be included in the list of smart home products.

ON World research and research institutions said that in April 2015 completed the United States 1000 adult consumer online survey found that intelligent products is the most popular home automation products, about 1/5 of the respondents said that in the future Purchase smart LED bulbs for two years.

"With the rapid increase in available products and the rapid decline in costs, smart lighting has quickly become the most popular smart home applications, consumers interested in intelligent LED bulbs greatly increased, which also benefit from the benefits of intelligent lighting," said Mareca Hatler, director of research at ON World. In the intelligent home automation and control system suppliers.

The survey also showed that 29% of people are willing to pay $ 20 or more to buy Smart LED Bulbs.

ON World By analyzing 257 pieces of intelligent lighting products and 20,000 consumer reviews, the analysis of 2012 to 2014 to accept intelligent Smart LED Bulbs increased by 30 times the proportion of positive comments are also increasing, of which intelligent light bulbs, dimmers and the use of ZigBee, Z-Wave and Bluetooth products, the highest proportion of positive evaluation. As the demand for smart LED bulbs is growing, 2013 and 2014 compared to the use of ZigBee product growth rate of the fastest, up to 238% or more.

Although the current ZigBee has the largest market share, but the number of Bluetooth smart light bulbs grew faster, in addition, LIFX and Sengled also provide WiFi smart light bulbs.

Intelligent lighting products are increasingly integrated sensors and camera functions, etc., to provide networking applications to expand and more networking capabilities. For example, the latest intelligent smart LED bulbs products are integrated audio entertainment and camera security applications, such as facial recognition.

It is expected that by 2019 the global wireless intelligent lighting products shipments will reach 400 million, of which most of the products for the smart LED bulbs.

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