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Bluetooth Speaker Lamp The Most Professional Development Team In The Bluetooth Audio Lighting Industry

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 10, 2017

   Bluetooth sound light is our professional development of bluetooth, WIFI, and other wireless technology solutions. Bluetooth stereo lamp we strong grain with intelligent creative innovation electronic products, intelligent wearable equipment plan development, smart home, intelligent lighting solutions development, intelligent industrial control, intelligent robot intelligent bluetooth home appliance technology solutions bluetooth communications products, computer hardware, car bluetooth, bluetooth equipment technology development, production, sales, technical advice, technical services as one of the bluetooth solutions. We have complete. Bluetooth stereo lamp scientific quality management system and the development of the industry's most professional team, we are professional for clients to provide professional bluetooth solutions and WIFI solution, bluetooth technology, bluetooth module, bluetooth APP, bluetooth digital module, bluetooth LED lights, etc. Product development and design. Our bluetooth acoustics lamp is aimed at developing the market with the principle of mutual benefit, and the enterprise culture of honesty, service, quality and innovation is recognized by the industry.

Bluetooth Speaker Lamp Bluetooth sound lighting tenet: grow together, share success

We grow up with our employees, the pursuit of our employees, the affirmation and the transcendence of ourselves -- creating opportunities for our employees.

We grow with our customers and share the joy of adding value to our clients - creating value for our clients.

The partners will grow up together, share resources, complement each other, and jointly build a splendid future.

Bluetooth Speaker Lamp We have grown with the community, promoted national economic development, and revitalized national scientific and technological progress -- creating benefits for society.

Bluetooth audio lighting standard

To be honest, to respect each other, to be honest, to communicate effectively, and to understand cooperation.

Bluetooth Speaker Lamp Cooperate, team spirit solve the problem, dare to make the decision ceaselessly, assume the responsibility.

Rigorous pursuit, professional spirit self-management, professional ethics customer first, quality is Ben.

Bluetooth Speaker Lamp Improve performance, save cost and progress, self-development.

Create the most professional bluetooth solutions company

Our bluetooth stereo lamp is committed to create the industry's most professional bluetooth design and development company, in order to achieve this goal, we set up the industry's most senior bluetooth development team. Our bluetooth development team has industry senior hardware engineers and software engineering. They are not only experienced, but also technical and professional. Our team have a clear division of responsibilities, hardware engineer is responsible for the customer product research and development, technicalBluetooth Speaker Lamp debugging, bluetooth solutions, PCBA line proofing design and program burn, etc; Our software development engineer is responsible for the customer's android APP development and IOS apple system software development. The customer provides UL design drawings, our software engineering for bluetooth APP development design and debugging work. Our strong grain bluetooth development team to be too many development of bluetooth solutions, success bluetooth products for customers to solve design, well received by customers, we develop products can be downloaded in the android market and apple market can experience

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