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Bluetooth Speaker Lamp Application

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 02, 2017

Bluetooth Speaker Lamp program is the latest Bluetooth LED light solution, Bluetooth Speaker Lamp clever combination of Bluetooth audio module and Bluetooth data transmission module, and through the data transmission to change the color change LED lights and background mode switch, it is a smart Of the LED lights, search the Bluetooth speaker can be used with flashing, matching a variety of colors, a variety of atmosphere of light, you can play with the Bluetooth speaker remote control lights.

A set of products with 6 lights and a control, through the mobile phone APP control lighting and music linkage to achieve sensory enhancement of the intelligent atmosphere of the entertainment system, which is the legend of the six-way sound

The first live interactive environment based on the live environment more convenient multi-device interaction and management terminal + content + application, which is an entertainment revolution in the ecological revolution

Suitable for the stage, KTV, Party with a variety of colors can be a variety of models can change, as well as music rhythm function, with the rhythm of music to change the different lights, family party is also a good choice, their own at home can

Six parameters of light function

Built-in wifi module and Bluetooth module

1. Using mobile phone APP software and Bluetooth lights connected to achieve intelligent control, deployment of light color and brightness

2. Mobile APP software support Apple iOS system and Andrews system 4.3 and above;

3. With the phone to control any color of light, with 160,000 adjustable light color;

4. Built a variety of scenarios, the definition of random mode, with the music flashing mode and so on;

5. Use the phone APP control to play songs, switch songs, adjust the size of the sound of playing songs; (the same APP, on behalf of open wifi control or data connection can be controlled)

6. Can support mobile phone timing function, support manual control and intelligent control of a variety of modes;

The above is a large stage dedicated intelligent lights, Shenzhen Zhi Heng Yuan Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully developed the finished product, and the end of this month next month, will invite a number of media, held a press conference, then we will be a new conference

Bluetooth Speaker Lamp application

The Division also has a small Bluetooth speaker intelligent LED lights

When you go home, if your home has more than bright colorful Bluetooth music light bulb, you gently pick up the phone point to open the APP software, music at any time in the light changes in the sound

Give you a very pleasant mood. You can also switch the scene mode to make your room instantly up, this smart Bluetooth music light

Experience compared to the traditional concept of the light bulb is still a lot of novelty, with colorful life, you can set a different scene in different colors, create

Romantic, youthful color intelligent solution.

This small Bluetooth Speaker Lamp, also has the above features, through the mobile phone APP control, can be connected to the Bluetooth speakers, you can deploy multi-color lights, but also music rhythm function, suitable for home, bed reading is also OK, there are a variety of models, Family gatherings are also quite convenient

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