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Bluetooth Key Finder The Key Finder Is Actually A Fairly Simple Induction System

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 15, 2017

bluetooth key finder Everyone will go out to touch the whole body but can not find the door of the key situation, such as the small jump father, every day through the shoes out of the door, must come back to knock on the door twice, the first time to come back to find the car keys, The second is to come back for the first time left the door key ... ... do not know why, the more you want to remember where the key, and the more no clue, this moment, no matter who will be crazy? Use the key to find it, as long as a press, the key will come to you ... ...

  bluetooth key finder The key finder is actually a fairly simple induction system, including two separate sensing elements and a seeker host. Orange and blue make it easy for you to find out whether it is your key or your father's key.

  As long as the key ring to hang the sensor components, and then can not find the key, click on the corresponding color button, the key ring on this thing will be a tick that you position.

  This key finder has a sensing range of 60 feet, which is almost 18.3 meters, for the average family should be enough. Of course, if you can not find the phone is far greater than the chance to find the key, then put it on the phone

  bluetooth key finder The key finder is divided into two parts, one on the key (alarm receiver A), and the part is placed in the home fixed position (remote control signal transmitter B). When the key is lost at home, press B, A will automatically alarm, so it is easy to find the key lost in the room

  bluetooth key finder Every day may encounter a number of tragedies, can not find the key should be one of the relatively high incidence of a kind of eager - whistle key finders to prevent this tragedy will not happen: the key hanging in the whistle Key search finder on the key ring, and then, every time you can not find the key, the force blowing a whistle, whistle key finder will issue a loud engine roar, remind yourself and the key location, and then follow the sound in the past You can find the key

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