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Bluetooth Item Finder Lost Tracker To Locate Your Items

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 15, 2017

 bluetooth item finder The latest entry into personal items tracking frenzy is the Chipolo project on the pooling platform Kickstarter. Chipolo is a stylish key holder that can be attached to items. You can almost buckle it on any item, such as a computer bag, a key, and even your pet (essentially anything that can hang a keychain). You can use the application to register it. Once registered, you will be able to use your Android phone or iOS phone application to locate your items via Bluetooth 4.0.

    bluetooth item finder The application allows you to command Chipolo to sound, so as to help you find it and show how far you are away from the search target. Chipolo is unique. This tracker is equipped with a temperature sensor, so you can know how hot your device is.

Chipolo's positioning range is about 200 feet (61 meters), so you can use your phone to find your device within a reasonable range. But if you are not sure where you lost your items      bluetooth item finder for example, in the street, it is possible) you have to walk around.

Although it looks like you can not see it on the map in real time, the app will use a radar tool to help you find it. And you can set Chipolo, and when you leave your mobile search range, it will send you an alert. One of Chipolo's biggest benefits is that it has a replaceable battery, unlike other competing products, such as Tile, that requires you to replace the entire device after the battery has been exhausted.

The company also has a SDK software development kit, so developers can use this device to develop new features. (Perhaps creating a location-based game?) This means that the future may have a rich ecosystem.

   bluetooth item finder Chipolo has just been a great success at Kickstarter, but it can only be booked now. The company will ship in February 2014. This device is only compatible with iOS and Andrews, the future sometime will also support Windows Phone mobile phone system. Yes, this device will have a waterproof version.

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