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Bluetooth 4.0 Finder APP Anti-Lost Alarm Tracker with Social Network Wireless Key Finder Bluetooth Tracer for iPad 3/4 iPad iPhone 4S/5

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 21, 2017

Basic Info

Model NO.:R688Type:Key Finder
Brand: SwalleDistance version:Class A
Origin:ChinaProduction Capacity:1000000

Bluetooth 4.0 finder APP Anti-lost alarm tracker with social network Wireless Key Finder Bluetooth Tracer for iPad 3/4 iPad iPhone 4S/5

Keep important items
The biggest feature is that it injects a social element, and builds a network to find things.
We all know that normal anti-lost will be invalid when it over a certain distancerange between mobile devices.
But this patch allow the owner to report the information of missingitems through the APP to the server,
So that all users who have installed this APP could automatically help finding.
Once found, APP location will be sent to the owner of the phone.
In the usual case, the patchis associated with the phonethrough an encrypted way,
Unless the users to share management authority, someone else is not connected.

Product Function
A key finding objects
After facilitating the binding patch, you can always use APP to make the patch audible
And luminous to help you find items.
No longer worry about missing items.

Two-way Anti-lost
When the patch away from your mobile, they will feel each other's position sensitively,
And will remind you through sound and vibration.
No longer worry about losing the wallet when at bus or metro.

Multi-task management
Breakfast out, important items and patch together, when the distance over the phone APP set range,
The phone will sound to remind not forget about important items.
And it can simultaneously bind 20 items, wallet, keys, door cards, all can't escape my palm.

Network Search
When the link is disconnected, the phone will record the GPRS position of missing items,
After being reported missing, all other APP users around could help looking for it.
The system will notify your APP when found. Friends can help you find something missing together!

Selling Point

Ultra-compact appearance design

Material: The patch is with UV paint coating process,
The same external technology with Apple 5C, safely and environmental protection.
Size: 39mm (length) * 39mm (W) * 7mm (thick)
Power supply: CR2032 button battery
Weight: 15g

Super-advanced Bluetooth technology
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0
Transmission range: Theoretical distance of 100 meters,
Measured 50 meters
APP Downloads: Smart Anti-lost patch
Simultaneous connections: A cell phone can manage up 20 patch,
Connect up 6 patch.
Alarm: Ring tones, mobile vibration, lighting equipment
Using low-power Bluetooth technology
Standby time: 6 months





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Tel: +86-755-83285153
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