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Anti Lost Alarm Patch Intelligent Search Bluetooth Key Finder Tracer for Keys Mobile Wallet Pets

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 11, 2016

Product Detail

Product Description
A key finding objects
And luminous to help you find items.
No longer worry about missing items.

Small Button, Big Usage

1.Key Finder/Locator

Tap the Scan icon in the app to connect with Easykeyfinder, then tap the icon to locate the Easykeyfinder.

2.Remote Shutter

Tap the camera icon to launch camera in the app. Press the button on the Easykeyfinder to trigger the phone take picture or video.

3.Anti-lost Alarm

When Easykeyfinder goes out of safety range, the app will alert you with sound, vibration and flash. Alarm can be set on easykeyfinder application, phone, or both. Besides, for iOS system, the alarm could be shut off by shaking the smart devices.

4.Phone Finding

Press the button on the Easykeyfinder to find the phone.

5.Lost Location History

When connection was broken, the app will add a pushpin on the map. It can inform you when and where lost the Easykeyfinder.

6. Mute Function for iOS system only

A. Do Not Disturb Mode-Once switch on,the smart devices and the key

finder would not alarm whether the connection is broken or not.

B. Security Zone- Connected with the current same wifi, mute could be

set in the application for a certain time when the smart devices and key finder would not alarm even though the connection is broken.

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