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Analysis Of Audience Objects Of Cartoon Intelligent Toys

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 09, 2017

In recent years, China's rapid development of animation industry, animation Intelligent Toys market also will be hot. "Big holy return", "big fish Begonia" and other high-quality domestic animation film successfully released, won the public's reputation. With the support of national policy, China's animation industry is a steady development, gradually transition from childbearing to maturity. According to the survey, China's cartoon market has a gap of 80 billion yuan, experts predict that China's animation industry will increase the annual output value in a few years to more than 100 billion yuan. On average, 6 out of every 10 people are potential consumers of animation derivatives. Among them, the animation consumption of intelligent Intelligent Toys is the most common. So, what is the consumer group of animation Intelligent Toys?

1,80 after the fixed consumer group

90 years at the end of the Japanese anime into China, China's animation industry over the same period, when the main consumption of animation for 80. At present, 80 has entered the community, but only for the love of animation is not reduced, as the animation industry, a fixed consumer group. Data show that the favorite online to see the crowd in the 25 to 30 years old, accounting for 43.92%. Survey data show that animation is the highest rate of genuine purchase is 80, accounting for 47% of the total. Jiucheng more than 80 will buy high-quality genuine hand, genuine hand production Although the production cost is not high, but because of its own animation and cultural value, genuine selling prices are more than 100 yuan, huge profit margins.

2,90 after the rise of consumption

With the arrival of the Internet age, 90 after the convenience provided by the Internet, more convenient to contact the second element animation culture. 90 after the consumption characteristics are: have more idle funds, chasing fashion, the trend of the secondary culture has a unique view and aesthetic way. In 2016, China's pan-second-level users reached 270 million people, of which the core secondary users concentrated in the 19-24 years old, with a share of up to 58.9%, while the purchase of animation Intelligent Toys is much higher than the number of 270 million. 90 has gradually become the main force of consumption of intelligent Intelligent Toys.

3, the potential consumer groups

Animation animation industry has a huge potential consumer groups. Now 00 after the beginning of contact with the animation culture, with the domestic animation "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf", "Super Fei Xia", "Beikken Bear" and other animation hit, domestic animation movie box office constantly refresh. 00 after the animation also has its own aesthetic degree, although the monopoly of accepting a single channel, but directly to control the consumption of a family within the animation desire. With the launch of domestic high-quality animation has been launched, the two-child policy of the open forecast in the next 5-8 years once again usher in the peak of fertility, experts predict the future number of newborns will be between 1780-1950 million, the total population of children maintained at 2.2 - 250 million, these small animation from the audience to accept the new audience, will become the most loyal animation animation toy groups.

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