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What's the difference between Bluetooth speaker and wifi speaker?

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2016

Today Swalle secret what's the difference between bluetooth speaker and wifi speaker , let's look at how they work.  Bluetooth speaker works with the built-in Bluetooth chip and connect to the Bluetooth playback devices such as phones, tablet PCs and laptops and others .

Bluetooth speaker advantages:

1, Bluetooth versatility is undoubtedly the best and oldest of the three wireless audio solution. 

2, Bluetooth advantage is low power consumption compared with WIFI.

WIFi speaker works theory: it is itself a wireless router, through access to external network lines, issued wifi, then phone, tablet, these devices connect it sends wifi, by supporting AirPlay, DLNA, QPlay multimedia protocols player the song push speaker playback.

WIFi speaker advantages:

1, wifi speaker propagation distance, penetrating well.

2, wifi two devices can be directly connected, but also through a network of wireless router.

WIFi speakers disadvantages:

1, wifi privacy and anti noise is less than Bluetooth. A speaker can be connected to multiple devices, the device can be connected to the push song.

 2, wifi speaker technology just start-ups in relation to Bluetooth, the price is high than bluetooth technology.

In summary, the global network has not been covered in the environmental, wifi speakers still jitters defects, but home entertainment, audio systems engineering, high-quality cloud music will be its force point. Of course, the same Bluetooth speaker will be more perfect, Swalle Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the transmission bandwidth increases, less power. Loved by more and more young people.

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