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What is a keyfinder and the history of keyfinder

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 27, 2017

KeyFinder is basiclly an open source key detection tool.

First Generation Key Finders

The first generation key finders were sound based, and listened for a clap or a whistle (or a sequence of same) then beeped to the user to find them. Determining what was a clap or a whistle proved difficult, resulting in poor performance and false alarms. As a result of this low quality and reliability, these early key finders were soon discarded and were unpopular for serious needs.

Second Generation Key Finders

Second Generation Key finders eliminated the problem of false alarms, and some have fairly long battery lives. As electronics became smaller and cheaper, radio became viable to locate the keys which were fitted with a small receiver. A separate transmitter is used to activate the receiver(s). All wireless key finders have to "listen" for a searching transmission, resulting in battery replacement at intervals ranging from 3 months to a year. Some distributors include a cost-effective key-return service, that assists in returning the keys should they be lost in a taxi, bus or other public place, provided the customer registered their details. The transmitter can also contain information to help return card to its rightful owner.

Third Generation Key Finders

The latest third generation key finders no longer require a separate "base" - they are all functionally identical and based on a peer-to-peer system where each can find all the others individually. The user can, for example, use a wallet to find misplaced keys and vice versa, or a mobile phone to find a lost TV remote control. In addition, since each has its own transmitter, it can reply by radio as well as beeping and flashing a light to attract attention. The seeking unit can then follow this beacon to find even a buried set of keys. Having a transmitter in each unit also means that, unlike second generation units,losing the single transmitter does not result in total loss of all items.

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