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So you are such a Sphero smart ball

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 12, 2016

So you are such a Sphero smart ball


 In the "Star Wars · Force Awakening", Sphero BB8 robot is out of limelight, captured many of the audience's mind, making it become the most popular product in smart market. The Swalle Smart Ball researched by Swalle Technology Company is an ultra-high luminous ball which can be controlled by the mobile phone to travel around the ground, and can also swim in the water under the full power and controllable range. .


Sphero smart ball comes with speakers, can be issued exactly the same sound in the film, so that when it moves up, you may think this is the little guy's illusion in the film.


Sphero smart ball has a very simple LED lights inside, encapsulated the red, green and blue LED components of the lamp, and produce beautiful glow because of the role of the diffusion of translucent spheres. Different colors will correspond to different information, such as whether the device is charging or when the motor speed is temporarily accelerated, there will be different color tips. The user can customize the different colors of the state by the mobile phone app.


Sphero smart ball and Swalle robotic ball has a a same bright spot is that it does not need to jack to charge, but more on the high is the induction charging base. Put it on the base will start charging, a charge can probably use 3-5 hours of time.


When we put the Sphero smart ball or Swalle Robotic Ball in the palm of the hand when the whole ball will be issued dazzling color light. When we put it on the floor, open the application on the smart phone, Sphero smart ball immediately regain vitality, with the virtual rocker on the screen you can control it to go anywhere.


Sphero smart ball and Swalle robotic ball is very popular with intelligent enthusiasts, children love it at hand; not to mention the pet. Why do masses of people love the small Sphero smart ball so much? The original Sphero smart ball operation is very simple and good controlled, currently on the market almost all of the Android and IOS phones can be connected with the ball, it can be described as high-end, the atmosphere, on the grade!

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