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No Limit to the Future of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 08, 2016

No Limit to the Future of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

In the latest 007 series of Specter movies we see the national security department trying to use a new set of monitoring technology to replace 007, which will include unmanned aerial vehicle monitoring system. How can the UAV replace the world's most famous spy 007 status, but the UAV apparently can help Bond to complete the task. Both Specter and British secret organizations are aware of the importance of the data, the same, some investment organizations in the world also found the value of UAVs, UAVs are building their own empire in the field of science and technology.

   UAV highlights

   UAVs are unmanned aircraft, people use their hardware and software to complete some tasks.

   UAVs can fly at low altitude, high-altitude flight, its size may vary, it can become your favorite partner, you can become your most hated enemy.

   Operating platform opportunities

   It may be valuable to build a standardized operating system in today's relatively unmanned aerial vehicles. In today's unmanned aerial vehicle manufacturers have a lot of unmanned aerial vehicles in the field, one can contact the various UAVs application platform is very critical.

   The experience of the smartphone market and the gaming industry tells us that manufacturers will eventually pursue business interests, which platform will account for the largest share of them will be flocked to that platform. The value of unmanned aerial vehicles in the spin-off of data collection is also reflected in this business opportunities.

   Data is a new impetus

   In today's era of information economy, the data appear to be more important, but simply can be described as "new oil": this area has not yet developed a thorough but it contains endless potential value. And oil, who can be stripped from the value of raw materials who will be able to get the initiative today.

   UAV data can be used to reduce the cost of prevention and maintenance, real-time monitoring and improve customer service. Whether it is a multi-million dollar facility such as an oil well, aviation, mega-storage, or a farmer who wants to increase production, and a small company that wants to be more efficient, the data is critical to them.

   Best Friend Butterfly: your portable personal daily unmanned aerial vehicles

   Imagine a 2041 called "Best Friend Butterfly" unmanned aerial vehicle released, it is a shape and size similar to the butterfly UAV. It will fly around for you and your partners to take pictures, self-portrait rod has long been an antique. More importantly, there is an application called "Kid Safety" that identifies your child's facial and physical features and can track your child between school and home. Unmanned aerial vehicles can stay outside school waiting for your child to school, and then go home with him. Unmanned aerial vehicles can clearly record the children to participate in sports events, drama and concerts and other activities, and field data will be spread to the cloud, so that even if the parents are not on-site children can understand what the day of experience, to ensure that Do not miss any event worth celebrating.

   Investment Opportunities

   A new generation of startups will be ready to design, program and launch new applications for the future of unmanned aerial vehicles all over the world. Siva Technology Co., Ltd. is very concerned about this area, because we believe that the development of unmanned aerial vehicles will be another major trend in science and technology, UAV's unlimited future, and the opportunities are equally immeasurable.


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