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IT applications in glass lampshade

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 22, 2015

Glass lampshade printer; Advantages:

A convenient: All typesetting, design software and office applications software to generate electronic documents can be exported directly to inkjet machine.

Second, flexible and efficient: a comprehensive digital, so that we can provide customers with more flexible printing that print side edge change, while improving print side.

Third, do not need to print from the amount: enjoy high-quality prints, not "amount from India", one can be. You can achieve one from India, Lidengkequ requirements.

Glass shade printer is the computer files directly printed on paper, unlike traditional print a new printing process cumbersome process. It features: one from India, no plate, Lidengkequ, immediate correction, variable printing, on-demand printing. Developed on the basis of an integrated printing technology technologies to electronic text as the carrier, delivered to inkjet machine equipment through the network, direct printing. Print production workflow and information free version features variable is the largest, covering a variety of technical fields in print, electronic, computer, network, communication and so on.

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