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How to use keyfinders-usage of keyfinders

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 28, 2017

Uses for Key Finders

Typical Key Finder user-experience

A key finder is to have the device attached to a set of keys, and if these keys are lost, or misplaced, an action is performed - such as clapping, pressing a button on a locator device. The most basic function of a modern keyfinder device is it should i) beep, or ii) flash a light, or iii) or somehow guide a user towards the lost item.

Key finders have also been found to be useful to the visually challenged as well as those with memory problems or illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease or Attention Deficit disorders, ADHD. Military Veterans suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder are finding key finders useful in combating the memory effects of the disease.

Modern life requires most urban dwellings, cars and offices, to be generally accessed via a key. The stress, cost and inconvenience of losing ones key to those environments is high.

Key finders are a practical way of alleviating these effects.

Novel uses for key finders

  • Hospitals - Key finders can be utilized to summon people by attaching a key finder to a person in a ward, such as a nurse

  • Museums - "Museums make use of beacons strategically placed indoors to communicate with their guide app about which room the user is currently in, and therefore display information about the current exhibits"

  • Restaurants - Patrons can be given key finders so they can be called back to the restaurant when their meals or seats are ready

  • Travel - Key finders can be placed in luggage or with personal items (camera kit, laptop computer, medication, mobile device, passport) to ensure they are not left behind or misplaced while traveling

  • Treasure hunts for the blind - Key finders can be placed in strategic locations to assist the blind with improving their auditory location ability

  • Animals - Key Finders could be placed on collars of a house pet to keep track of them.

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