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Glass lampshade with PMMA lampshade compare the advantages and disadvantages

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 22, 2015

Glass Shade: glass shade with a good transparency, high-temperature gas-free play, non-yellowing advantages and disadvantages: the product is heavy, fragile and uneven heating at high temperatures when easily burst. Can be used both inside and outside coating, sanding, vacuum coating, matte aluminum, electrostatic spraying, spraying color, and other coloring process. Suitable for indoor decoration, lighting lamps.

PMMA Shade: advantages: lightweight (less dense than glass), non-friable (less damage), made of imported PMMA material 5--10 basically no color, color, variety, aging, weathering resistance (anti strong winds, snow and ice impact). It is a large square, preferred products main road, Central Park, landscape with lights. Disadvantages: less rigid and pliable disadvantages. Completely transparent PMMA lampshade can cause glare or dazzling light in the center of the light source string, but the brightness of the light source was a rapid decline in the periphery. Many light smoker and the working environment must exclude this unpleasant atmosphere or minimize light sources cause eye irritation. PMMA heat distortion temperature of 90 degrees, the use of PMMA lampshade is often necessary to consider increasing the distance between the light source and shade or reduce the output power of the light source.

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