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Cause blew glass lampshade

Swalle Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 22, 2015

1. Glass shade in stones, bubbles and impurities: glass stones, bubbles and impurities in the glass will crack formation is the weak point of glass, especially at the crack tip stress concentration. If the stones, bubbles or impurities in the glass of the tensile stress zone, or in the loads it is in tensile stress, may lead glass burst.

2. Glass shade surface and edge in the processing, transportation, storage and construction process may cause scratches, fried mouth and burst edges and other defects, could easily lead to stress concentration caused by glass blew. Glass surface there is already a large number of micro-cracks, which is subject to the mechanical behavior of glass fracture mechanics underlying causes. These micro-cracks under certain conditions will be extended, such as the role of water vapor, the role of the load, etc., are likely to accelerate the expansion of micro-cracks. Typically rate of expansion of micro-cracks the case is extremely slow, showing the strength of the glass is a constant value. But the glass surface microcracks have a threshold, when micro-cracks close to or reach the threshold size, crack rapid expansion, resulting in broken glass. If the glass is present on the surface near the critical size of microcracks, such as glass surfaces and scratches edge in the processing, transportation, storage and construction process caused by the bombing mouth, burst size and other defects on the larger side, the glass may be minimal load the role has led to the rapid expansion of the glass surface microcracks, resulting in broken glass

3. Glass lampshade contains nickel sulphide crystals: nickel sulfide inclusions are generally in the presence of crystals at room temperature, there is a tendency toward a phase transition, accompanied by a certain amount of volume expansion. If the debris in the glass by the tensile stress of the site, or in the loads it is in tensile stress area, the volume expansion can cause spontaneous burst. Tempered glass caused by nickel sulfide particles blew its bursting point often similar to the butterfly shape crack, known as butterfly-shaped cracks, some have a burst of colored particles in the central point, is considered nickel sulfide particles, these two characteristics are often used whether the criterion as glass blew. Nickel sulfide particles in the volume of glass blew around is different, Burst small size, can not easily be seen; after blew its volume increases, the location is determined, it is easy to see, and this is not easy to foresee glass blew one of the reasons.

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