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  • Creative Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
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    Creative Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

    Creative Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker The Swalle lamp speaker, inspire and creative wireless speakers is a range of wireless speakers by creative technology, which utilizes Bluetooth technology and audio codec for high-quality wireless streaming of audio All wireless...Read More
  • Creative Music Lamp Speakers
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    Creative Music Lamp Speakers

    Creative Music Lamp Speakers Swalle Creative Bluetooth Speaker is original desined and produced that combines LED energy-saving lighting and sound technology together. Bluetooth Speaker Lamp Description: Creative Bluetooth Speaker is controlled by App in the intelligent...Read More
Swalle Technology is one of the leading China creative bluetooth speakers manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to wholesale creative bluetooth speakers products from us.

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Tel: +86-755-83285153
Address:Room F-G,20 Floor,Pacific Trading Building,Jia Bin Road,Luo Hu Distric,Shenzhen,China